We are all high school students who are preparing for the Cambridge FCE exams in May 2007.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What lessons do you do think you should do in junior high school (γυμνασιο)?

Think about which subjects should be studied?
How many should be studied?
How should they be assessed?

For example;

end of year exams, like FCE
monthly tests
teacher grades
course work
a mix of the above


Blogger lc1 class said...

-My opinion is that the subjects that should be studied at junior high school are:
1)Maths(first and foremost)
2)The official language of the country(if there are more than one you students should choose one)
3)Chemistry or Physics(again sudents' choice)
5)Physical Education(last but not least)

-The subjects are 5 except just in case you can't count

-I think that these subjects should be assesed by a BIG exam at the end of the year(so no studing during the year)

8:07 AM


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