We are all high school students who are preparing for the Cambridge FCE exams in May 2007.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

To LC1, your homework is;

1 Do Options Grammar and Vocabulary page 36 - 38.

2 Post some pictures from the holidays on your Flickr page (click here to see it). Don't forget to add a description as well. If you can't remember the password and user name email me.

3 Why not create your own slide show using either BubbleShare or Slide.com. Just upload pictures from your PC, add a short description of each and decide on what effects you would like to have.Then post it on the blog.

Remember the theme is your 2006 and that if you don't have a fast ADSL connection then you'll need to reduce the photograph size to 100 to 200kb, otherwise you'll need hours to complete the task.


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