We are all high school students who are preparing for the Cambridge FCE exams in May 2007.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Well every New Year's Eve is special.And the last was one of them! I was in Athens and after an amazing walk in the sunset with my dady, we went to the hotel to get prepared for the new year.To tell the truth this Eve wasn't as i had planned to be because something happened to the train we were going to leave with and we could leave for Thessaloniki only the next day! But even though this happened, it was really exciting!We left the hotel at about 11 o'clock, an we changed the year at Platia Sidagmato> After tha we went to a wonderful concert and... after 15 with 30 minutes TV came there and took us an interview!!after that we went to a very with style gala.The next morning we left Athens and we were finally home!


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